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Frontend Engineer

Dec 15
$30K – $160K
Fully Remote

About AQX

AQX is the crypto gateway for retail traders and institutions. It offers users an all-in-one platform to buy, sell, trade, and learn about crypto. At its core, AQX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The company brings an authentic mix of trading knowledge, market intelligence, buzz, and access to exclusive crypto project launches to elevate the crypto exchange and trading experience for users.

Our Frontend Team culture

  • Frontend changes fast, we adapts all the changes in real time

  • We do not afraid of new technologies

  • We don’t write over 150 lines code per 1 file.

  • We actively use Eslint, Stylelint and etc to produce code with high readability

  • Readable code leads to quick bug fixes, and the rest of the time is devoted to refactoring

  • We do not afraid of overturning a poorly structured structure.

  • Rather than just saying the problem has been solved, take the time to figure out the cause until the end.

  • We aim to write code that is superior to other companies in the market.


  • Front-end development (React, Typescript, Redux Toolkit)

  • Implement design, wireframe, and business requirements with high-quality UI

  • Optimized performance of components that are updated rapidly

  • Collaborate with the backend/engine team to develop new features

  • Introduction of new technology or application of optimal technology to the situation

What we want you to have

  • Up to 2 years of front-end development working(full-time) experience

  • High JavaScript comprehension (ES2021+)

  • High level of understanding of new CSS properties

  • Experience in SPA development based on React and TypeScript

  • Understanding React and core concepts

  • Experience with client-side state management such as Redux

  • Understanding and experience of cross-browsing, web accessibility, and web standards

  • A style that aims for human-comprehensible, highly readable code

  • English proficiency for business collaboration

Nice to have

  • Experience in optimizing rendering performance at the browser level

  • Experience with CI/CD

  • Understanding of network operation principle

  • Agile Scrum Experience

  • Experience with WASM

  • Experience with websockets

  • Github profile link with recently updated code

What we can offer

  • Competitive salary & discretionary bonus

  • A thriving company culture

  • Flexible working hours

Our hiring process

  • Resume/CV submission

  • Coffee chat with CTO (Optional)

  • Project

  • Project Review

  • Offer discussion

AQX is powered by Presto Labs

  • 📈 Presto Labs is a quantitative trading firm, established in Singapore back in 2014.

  • Today, Presto Labs has grown to more than 100+ employees. World-class engineers and researchers share offices in Singapore🇸🇬, Shanghai🇨🇳, and Seoul🇰🇷.

  • 📊 Presto Labs build automated trading systems fueled by data-driven quantitative analysis to achieve stable and sustainable investment returns.

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