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Staking Rewards

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Senior Frontend Engineer

Nov 22
Fully Remote

If you haven’t heard of us

Staking Rewards is on a mission. Agency is the strategy, passive income from Crypto is one of our tactics in this strategy. We’re building tools, platforms and products to help you, ourselves and others to achieve an impactful level of control over their income and help to improve the quality of their investment decisions.

We serve different kinds of stakeholders, investors, analysts and crypto community members worldwide. The narrative we’re always pushing is Agency. We want you to be in control. ​​This is why we’re on a mission to increase transparency, reduce entry barriers and enable everyone to become financially independent. We make staking easy & accessible.

Let’s cut to the chase, Staking Rewards is a close-knit team, 20 some members all working remotely, all over the world. Working here means you pick your own timezone, you pick your own vacation days, have as many of them as you see fit, get compensated well, feel comfortable saying “No” and engage in intelligent dialogues with curious people. The only thing we ask in return is to bring your A-game. Get the job done, with a positive intent and a positive attitude.

The person we’re looking to work with

An Engineer that values quality over quantity. Has a deep understanding of software design and how to apply design principles on different types of problems. Some call them well-rounded Engineers or 10x Engineers, we simply call them good Engineers.

Good Engineers can learn and adapt. They are creative and curious at all times.

This is what we’re looking for.

You will work with familiar technologies, but you will also be expected to work with unfamiliar technologies, you will learn on the job, you will challenge yourself and the status quo. Most importantly, you will be proud of your work.

Nevertheless, we expect you have gained a good chuck of experience with different environments in your senior career so far and optimally worked in a React environment last so you can bring your A-game from day one.

Engineering at Staking Rewards

In two words, it’s comfortable chaos. Our systems are constantly changing, evolving and adapting as the business alongside the crypto market does. Engineering in our environment means constantly facing challenges and being resourceful in our solutions.

We work the problem. An Engineer at Staking Rewards is expected to inquire, communicate expectations and be open to unusual solutions. Our strength comes from our ability to deliver strong, high quality solutions in an ever changing business environment.

We keep our feedback loops short and always aim to find the best possible solution together as one Engineering team.

Where do you fit in there?

You become one of the heroes in this saga. An Engineer capable of working on different challenges and storylines.

Some of these challenges we’d like you to focus on are:

  • Building high performing web experiences

  • Bringing a strong defensive security mindset to our code and technical practices

  • Building for others: other developers on the team, for stakeholders and our users

  • Own the full vertical: shape, build, ship, monitor

Sounds good, what now?

  • You send us your application

  • Screening Interview with one of our team members (30 min)

  • Take home coding challenge (max. 5 days)

  • Interview Day

    • Challenge Recap & Top grading interview with the CTO / Head of Engineering (60-90 min)

    • Focused peer interviews (3 x 30 min)

  • You give us three contacts as a reference that we will reach out to

  • You will receive our offer

  • Congratulations, you’re part of the Staking Rewards team! 🚀