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Sr DevOps Engineer

Sep 1
Fully Remote

What are we all about?

We are a team of world class builders and researchers with expertise across several domains: Ethereum Protocol Engineering, Layer-2, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Miner Extractable Value (MEV), Smart Contract Development, Security Auditing and Formal Verification.

Working to solve some of the most challenging problems in the blockchain space, we frequently collaborate with renowned companies, such as Ethereum Foundation, StarkWare, Gnosis Chain, Aave, Flashbots, xDai, Open Zeppelin, Forta Protocol, Energy Web, POA Network and many more.

We actively contribute to Ethereum core development, EIP’s and network upgrades together with the Ethereum Foundation, and other client teams.

Today, there are nearly 200 of us working remotely from over 45+ countries.

The Role:

We are currently in search of a highly skilled and experienced Customer-Facing DevOps Engineer to become an integral part of our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will possess an extensive background in deploying, debugging, tuning, and maintaining web deployments, high-performance, low-latency distributed applications, container-based applications, microservices, and databases, and independently work in a customer-facing environment.

Your commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional service to our clients will be paramount in this role. Furthermore, alignment with Nethermind’s vision of being at the forefront of blockchain technology, driving innovation, and fostering growth within the industry is essential.


  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless deployment and integration of applications, as well as strategic DevOps initiatives that align with customer goals.

  • Design and implement robust system and cloud architectures, ensuring scalability, resilience, and optimal performance.

  • Provide exceptional communications with customers, understand client needs, and tailor solutions accordingly.

  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of processes and tools, aligning with industry best practices.

  • Deploy and maintain both web 2.0 and web 3.0 infrastructure in a cloud environment

  • Evaluate and refine existing DevOps processes, implementing automation and efficiency improvements where necessary.

  • Ensure that all deployments meet regulatory compliance and security standards.

Must have:

  • 5+ years of experience in a DevOps/SRE Engineer role inclusively at least 2 years in consulting or customer-facing roles.

  • Strong communication skills and stakeholder management experience

  • Strong experience with designing and building CICD pipelines

  • Strong experience with Infra as Code, for example, Terraform and Ansible

  • Strong experience of container environments along with container orchestration tools like Kubernetes (especially in EKS or GKE in a cloud environment) and familiar with helm chart

  • Previous consulting experience

  • Experience with monitoring tools like Grafana, Datadog, Prometheus, etc.

  • Knowledge of scripting languages (Bash is a must)

  • Working Knowledge of systems programming languages like Golang and Python

  • Extensive cloud experience and familiarity with configuring, scaling, tuning, and monitoring the range of services (AWS/GCP/Azure)

  • Experience producing operational and design documentation for the things you build, and writing post-mortem docs after troubleshooting service issues.

  • Experience with continuous integration and continuous delivery tools, like Jenkins, GitHub Actions, etc.

Nice to have:

  • Any blockchain experience is a plus

  • Experience in software development and infrastructure development is a plus.

  • Commercial AWS/Azure/GCP Experience in an Enterprise Environment

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