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Founding DevOps Engineer

Aug 14
Fully Remote

🏁 What drives us

At Pimlico, our vision is to be the infrastructure layer that powers Ethereum’s transition to ERC-4337 smart accounts.

We’re on a mission to pave the way for mainstream Ethereum adoption, and we see the revolution in Ethereum’s account system as the most important component that still needs to be implemented to achieve this.

We are looking for a Founding DevOps Engineer to join our team to build, scale, and maintain the backbone of the infrastructure that will process and relay the vast majority of on-chain user activity. Are you ready to build with us?

🌟 How you make an impact

Building from scratch, scaling, and maintaining the following:

  • CI/CD pipelines

  • Scalable infrastructure that will run our bundlers and paymasters

  • Monitoring/alerting

  • Open-source community tools (e.g. load-testing frameworks, public bundler relays, analytics tools)

💜 Being a part of the team means

  • Solving the toughest account abstractions problems in Ethereum.

  • Develop fluency in skills across many domains.

  • Upholding best practices in engineering, security, and design.

  • Being in a tireless pursuit to level up the UX of web3.

  • Valuing clear, frequent communication.

  • Joining a team of passionate builders that put in significantly more hours than a typical 9-5 job.

  • Feeling a great sense of accountability toward each other.

  • Doing the most impactful work of your career.

❓ This may not be for you if

  • You are not prepared to move to London. We want engineers in the field, designing, writing and reviewing code.

  • You consider yourself to be very specialised and uncomfortable working outside your comfort zone (e.g. only want to code in Rust).

  • You want to work part-time.

Please send your CV to team@pimlico.io. We’d love you to tell us about the most impressive thing you’ve ever done in place of a cover letter.