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The Risk Protocol

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Fractional CTO

Oct 13
Fully Remote


The Risk Protocol is a unique, cutting-edge crypto investment platform that provides investors risk-controlled exposure to crypto in an intuitive and frictionless manner. The product is highly scalable and has very significant TAM. The company is led and backed by highly experienced senior finance professionals with extensive backgrounds in the investments sector, quantitative finance, derivatives and risk management.

We are currently in stealth mode and thoughtfully building out our team. We have a compelling strategic vision, a strong cohesive core team, solid financial backing and the experience and operational chops to successfully execute on plan.

We are seeking high-quality candidates in select roles to round out the team. The primary attributes we are looking for in a candidate include: highly driven and motivated, strong work ethic, self-starter, master in his/her field of expertise, a no nonsense approach with open transparent communication and importantly, easy to get along with. If this sounds like you, we would genuinely love to hear from you.

Role Description: Fractional CTO

The core of the Risk Protocol, consisting of a highly sophisticated risk engine, is largely in place. The next phase involves the buildout of the tech interface, based on a very clear vision of the primary building blocks of the platform. Some of those building blocks include compliance tools (AML, KYC etc.), funding gateways, custody, tokenization, a marketplace etc.

We intend on adopting a “buy and build” modular approach to development, which means that we will not recreate the wheel where it is not necessary. Where robust off-the-shelf market solutions that meet our technical requirements exist already, we shall buy/adopt them. Other areas that require a more customized solution shall be internally developed.

This role will be charged with overseeing and initiating the tech buildout in close partnership with the CEO.

Main responsibilities will include:

  1. Creating the overall tech vision and architecting the tech stack

  2. Screening and selecting key tech team members

  3. Screening and selecting vendors

  4. Selecting technologies (protocols/token standards…)

  5. Developing technology roadmap and timeline

  6. Implementing rigorous development processes

Your success will be measured by your ability to build the infrastructure and team leadership to a point where your role is in effect made redundant.

This is a remote role.


  • Substantial prior CTO experience

  • Demonstrated experience leading teams and successfully completing complex builds

  • The ideal candidate will be a crypto native with deep understanding of the crypto ecosystem

  • Experience with developing smart contracts and token issuance/redemption

  • Good knowledge of trading systems and exchange infrastructure (tradfi or crypto)