How Many Jobs Will AI Replace: 85 Million by 2025

Jackson Pegg
Jackson Pegg
Published: 6 Nov 2023

Virtually every major company in the world is investing in AI right now, and experts project that AI will create and destroy tens of millions of jobs over the next 5 years.

AI Jobs

85 million jobs are expected to be replaced by AI by 2025.

And 38% of employees expect some or all aspects of their jobs to be automated by the end of 2023.

13% of people think that they will eventually lose their jobs to automation.

However, AI is expected to create more jobs than it replaces.

In fact, there are currently 97 million new AI jobs projected to be created by 2025.

So AI could potentially produce 12 million more jobs than it will eliminate.

Impact of AI on Jobs


Experts across the board expect AI to expand into countless new applications and ultimately integrate with just about every existing profession.

In just a few years, tens of millions of jobs will be lost to automation.

Despite that, AI is expected to create far more opportunities than it erases, with a net change of +12 million jobs each year.

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