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Remote - EU, UK, US
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Senior Software Test (QA) Engineer

Aug 4
Contract / Full-Time
Fully Remote

Freeway is a revolutionary crypto platform on a mission to make finance more rewarding for all. Combining the best of traditional finance with the best of decentralised finance, Freeway is building a new financial system from the ground up.

Do you want to be part of our visionary team, helping to build a future fintech unicorn that will shape the future of finance by making it fairer and more accessible for all?

We are seeking a skilled Senior Software Test (QA) Engineer to join the Freeway Tech Team.

You will have in-depth knowledge of — and IRL experience in — evaluating software functionality and designing test strategies and protocols to ensure that products work as intended. You will also be responsible for completing all testing procedures, suggesting performance changes, and documenting results in our QA system. You will be joining our A-Team and should have the best QA skills among your peers to back up your membership into the team. We expect perfection, calm under pressure and a “do whatever it takes” mentality — all critical attributes in our quickly-evolving industry.

You will have advanced knowledge of software engineering, an unbeatable eye for detail, and a natural gift for software troubleshooting. You will be able to identify even the smallest flaw in software designs and suggest simple, yet effective, fixes. We aren’t just looking for someone who logs errors – we want someone who also engineers solutions.

You will have a solid understanding of how modern applications take advantage of Node.js and React to streamline development and provide slick, intuitive experiences for users across all platforms.

You will be collaborating with our entire Tech Team on a regular basis. You’re a team player who enjoys collaboration but you can also be relied upon to solve problems and build solutions independently when needed. You will work in partnership with our designers and developers and will play a critical role in developing Freeway apps. You will help us architect, test and deliver products that are elegant, fast and sustainable.

You will also be responsible for monitoring platform and performance analytics, identifying opportunities for improvement.

Most importantly, you are active in crypto, know it’s the future and want to be part of the revolution. This is an opportunity to help shape a revolutionary fintech brand that is set to take the industry by storm.

Software Test (QA) Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Participate in design reviews and provide input on requirements, product design, and potential issues before we begin development.

  • Participate in the development of requirements and documentation.

  • Review software requirements in order to determine quality assurance parameters and create test scenarios and systems.

  • Design and execute manual and automated test procedures to evaluate our software products.

  • Run and monitor test programs to ensure that testing protocols evaluate our software correctly.

  • Analyze automated test results on database impact, bugs, usability and performance.

  • Conduct analysis checks on product specifications.

  • Document test results in QA reporting systems.

  • Diagnose bugs and recommend fixes.

  • Regularly monitor and improve app performance.

  • Ensure the successful deployment of our products.

Software Test (QA) Engineer Requirements:

  • You have an excellent attention to detail.

  • You have proven work experience as a software test engineer or QA.

  • You are active in crypto. While not a dealbreaker for the strongest candidates, you ideally have professional experience in Web3 and/or FinTech.

  • You have a thorough understanding of Node.js, React and SQL.

  • You are comfortable running complex SQL queries to help troubleshoot issues.

  • You are familiar with the AWS stack(s) and ideally have production experience with AWS.

  • You are an excellent troubleshooter and problem solver.

  • You are highly capable at time management and project management.

  • You write well-documented, clean code.

  • You use automated testing tools, debugging tools and performance testing tools daily. In fact, you might say that you are obsessed with performance.

  • You have a gift for collecting, analyzing and reporting on data.

  • You always maintain the latest knowledge and best practices in software test design and testing methodologies.

  • You have the ability to design and write complex software testing procedures.

  • You have excellent communication and critical thinking skills.