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Remote - Taiwan, Thailand
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Full-time iGaming Web Frontend Engineer (Mandarin- Located Taiwan/Thailand)

Aug 27
$66K – $72K
Fully Remote

Who We Are

As a forward-looking and rapidly growing technology company, we focus on developing stunning products for the online iGaming industry. Innovation is what drives us to bring our new products, new games, and technologies worldwide. We believe that a group of great people is the essence of success. We welcome candidates who are passionate about building a magnificent gaming platform with the same vision as our team. Join us to find a place where you can make the most of your gift with new ideas and creativity.

MoonClub is now seeking a Full-time Frontend Engineer to join the technical team. This role contributes to the development and enhancement of our iGaming website.


  1. 负责平台级在线游戏网站 iGaming 应用产品的架构设计和开发工作;

  2. 负责前端前沿技术、理念的跟进、预研和落地;

  3. 负责前端技术架构、规范、研发流程建设.


  1. 精通中文(普通话)的口语&书面表达,且有书面英文能力;

  2. 精通 React, Next.js, TypeScript, Node.js, Rxjs 等方案和工具;

  3. 具备优秀的技术嗅觉、想象力、执行力和团队合作精神;

  4. 具备优秀的程序设计、架构和编码能力;

  5. 良好的产品意识,具备技术驱动能力.


  1. 有在线游戏研发,大型 iGaming 平台 Web 系统研发经验优先,例如: stake.com, rollbit.com;

  2. 拥有建站经验的优先,需要保证网站有极致的访问体验;

  3. 有 Canvas、WebGL 图形可视化开发经验者优先.

As a Frontend Engineer, Your Job Responsibilities are:

  1. Responsible for the architectural design and development of platform-level online gaming website & iGaming applications;

  2. Responsible for tracking, researching, and implementing cutting-edge front-end technologies and concepts;

  3. Responsible for establishing front-end technology architecture, specifications, and R&D processes.

Job Requirements

  1. Mandarin native speaker with written English skills is a must.

  2. Proficient with React, Next.js, TypeScript, Node.js, Rxjs, and other solutions & tools;

  3. Excellent technical sense, imagination, execution ability, and teamwork spirit;

  4. Excellent programming, architecture and coding skills;

  5. Good product awareness, with the ability to drive with technology;

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Experience in online game development and large-scale iGaming platform web system development preferred, such as stake.com, rollbit.com;

  2. Experience in building websites to ensure an optimal website user experience;

  3. Candidates with Canvas, WebGL graphical visualization development experience are preferred.