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Blockchain Engineer

Sep 28
Fully Remote

As a Blockchain Engineer you would be part of Lightshift’s Core Engineering team. You would directly help co-build some of the most promising and impactful projects in the web3 industry, alongside the best founders and core teams.

  • Contribute directly to the code base and overall building effort of projects invested by Lightshift

  • Analyze projects and their feasibility, with a focus on engineering component,

  • Research bleeding-edge trends, protocols, and advancements in the space

  • Work in tandem with investment team to capture the best opportunities

Basic Qualifications

  • Knowledge or experience with one or more public blockchains

  • Understanding of common blockchain protocols and architecture (DeFi, L2s, AMMs)

  • Preferred fluency in Ethereum (mainly Solidity) and Smart contract development and deployment

  • Fluency with common tools and frameworks used for the development and security analysis of smart contracts

  • Solid understanding of security best practices, known attack vectors, and pitfalls of blockchain protocols and applications

  • A strong desire to keep learning and push the boundaries of the blockchain space

  • Good written and verbal communication skills (English)


  • Experience with DApp development tooling (ex: wagmi, viem, WalletConnect)

  • History of meaningful contributions to open-source projects

  • Practical experience in blockchain security & research

What we offer

  • Fully remote and flexible engagement

  • % of Lightshift’s performance in addition to regular compensation

  • Regular Offsites around the world to work alongside an international team

Who we are

Lightshift is an early-stage fund dedicated to investing and co-building the future of web3. We join forces with the most promising teams to build the open, decentralized future. We see potential where most don’t even look and we’ll write the first check to realize it. Think of us as a third co-founder, completing core teams, adding a layer of expertise, building alongside projects and providing direction on a path to fast, smart growth. We’re in it for the long haul and join projects that will power the future for years and decades to come. We’re here to make lasting contributions and be among the last ones standing.