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Data Analytics Team Member

Apr 12
Full-Time / Part-Time
$100K – $120K
Fully Remote

Beanstalk Farms is looking to build a first class team of data scientists to support Beanstalk Farms development initiatives. The Analytics department is seeking passionate PT or FT contributors to help with this effort.


This role’s definition is quite flexible, and the exact responsibilities could vary greatly based on an applicant’s interests and skill set. Here are some of the things that data scientists would be able to work on within this role:

  • Help design, build, and maintain the official Beanstalk dune analytics dashboard.

    • For end users, the aim is to educate and provide insights about the performance of the protocol across a variety of categories (adoption, investment, peg maintenance, protocol native structures, etc.)

    • For the beanstalk farms team, we want to use this information to monitor protocol health, identify trends in user behaviors, and use these insights to inform long term strategic discussions around Beanstalk’s future.

  • Ideate and build prototype implementations of novel Beanstalk metrics. These will either be shared internally or added to the dashboard, depending on their utility.

  • Source ideas from the community for how we can improve our existing analytics capabilities.

  • Hold analytics focused DAO meetings, to educate DAO members on how they can contribute to analytics efforts and also to share meaningful insights and data.

  • Collaborate across engineering teams to drive the convergence of Beanstalk’s analytical capabilities into a single location.

    • The Dune Analytics dashboard is a short term solution for performing data analysis, but we eventually want to move most or all of the analytics into the official website.

  • Share and promote our data analysis work publicly (twitter, medium, etc.).

  • Work closely with the Analytics team lead (@TBIQ) to coordinate work efforts and drive towards long term goals.

We’re looking for motivated self-starters and creative minds. You’ll have lots of freedom to pursue what interests you personally within this problem space. The only hard requirement here is some background in PostgreSQL (or other flavor of SQL) and dune analytics.


  • Full time $100,000 - $120,000 (Part time also considered)