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Nomic Foundation

Remote - Americas, Europe, UK, UTC+1 to UTC-4 timezones
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Senior Systems Engineer (Rust) - EDR

Nov 16
$120K – $220K
Fully Remote

The Nomic Foundation is a non-profit behind Hardhat, the most widely used Ethereum development environment. We’re dedicated to building open-source infrastructure and tools that empower Ethereum developers to decentralize the world while fostering growth and innovation in the developer ecosystem.

We are looking for a Senior Systems Engineer to join the team behind EDR - an Ethereum development runtime library - written in Rust - with bindings for the Node API (TypeScript). Its goal is to provide a performant API for developer tooling, such as an EVM debugger or state inspector. We are planning our first release in the upcoming months, which will be a complete rewrite of the Hardhat Network TypeScript code and will continue to expand its features to serve a wider range of developers.

This is a fully-remote role, and we’re open to candidates applying within UTC+1 to UTC-4 timezones.

In this role, you will:

  • Design APIs that take into account the needs of a large and diverse ecosystem

  • Maintain and implement low-level functionality that works directly with EVM bytecode

  • Support and mentor other developers on the team

  • Practice good open-source hygiene

Tech stack:

  • Rust

  • Node.js / N-API

  • Ethereum / EVM

The skills we look for:

  • At least 5 years of experience working on systems software

  • 2+ years of working with Rust

  • We work remotely and mostly asynchronously, so the ability to take ownership and work with minimal direction is crucial

  • As this is an early-stage project, we are seeking a teammate who is comfortable adapting to changing requirements

  • Prior experience working in a remote and globally-distributed environment

  • High sense of ownership and responsibility

Why is this an exciting opportunity?

  • You’ll have a chance to work on a core component of the Ethereum stack and support the entire Ethereum ecosystem to be more productive

  • Contribute to Ethereum as a project

  • Service the needs of high-profile projects that use Hardhat

  • All of your work will be open-source, and you’ll have the chance to collaborate with other open-source projects (both inside and outside Ethereum)