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Remote - Taiwan, Thailand
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Full-time iGaming Backend Engineer (Located Taiwan/Thailand)

Aug 27
$78K – $84K
Fully Remote

Who We Are

As a forward-looking and rapidly growing technology company, we focus on developing stunning products for the online iGaming industry. Innovation is what drives us to bring our new products, new games, and technologies worldwide. We believe that a group of great people is the essence of success. We welcome candidates who are passionate about building a magnificent gaming platform with the same vision as our team. Join us to find a place where you can make the most of your gift with new ideas and creativity.

MoonClub is now seeking a Full-time Backend Engineer to join the technical team. This role contributes to the development and enhancement of our iGaming website.


  1. 负责公司业务后台的设计,核心代码的开发工作

  2. 根据产品需求,能够独立完成服务的系统架构设计和实现;

  3. 对业务部门提出的系统问题提供技术支持,能够快速定位解决问题,保障后台系统稳定运行. 能够对问题进行追踪,持续优化改进方案.

  4. 配合项目的整体计划和安排. 工作规范,良好的沟通能力、较强的团队协作精神和责任心;


  1. 必须为:中文母语使用者,且有书面英文能力

  2. 5年以上Java互联网开发经验,有游戏项目开发经验者优先;

  3. 熟悉Java语言,java数据结构,IO,NIO,多线程,线程池,分布式;

  4. 熟悉Java主流开源框架,例如:Java Reactive ,Spring、Spring WebFlux、Mybatis;

  5. 熟悉Redis,kafka等中间组件开发;

  6. 有创业者心态,自我驱动力强,执行力强

As a Backend Engineer, Your Job Responsibilities are:

  1. Formulate and design the company’s business back office and contribute to core codes development

  2. Independently complete the system architecture design and service and features implementation based on product requirements

  3. Offer technical support for system issues raised by the business department, able to rapidly and effectively locate and solve problems, and ensure the stable operation of the background system. Able to track the issues and continuously optimize the improvement plan.

  4. Cooperative with the overall plan and arrangement of the project. Work in order with good communication skills, a strong teamwork spirit, and a sense of responsibility

Job Requirements:

  1. Native Mandarin Speaker with written English skills is a must.

  2. More than 5 years of experience in Java network development, rich experience in game project development is a plus;

  3. Proficient in Java, Java data structure, IO, NIO, multithreading, thread pool, distributed computing;

  4. Master mainstream Java open-source frameworks, such as Java Reactive, Spring, Spring WebFlux, Mybatis;

  5. Familiar with the development of middleware components e.g. Redis and Kafka;

  6. Entrepreneurial mindset, strong self-motivation, and strong execution