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Software Engineer, Front End

Sep 22
Fully Remote

Frontend role. Remote.


  • Expert knowledge of git

  • Guru knowledge of React

  • Styling: CSS-in-JS using Emotion. Familiar with advanced features found in @emotion/cache, @emotion/react, @emotion/utils, @emotion/serialize, and @emotion/server

  • Experience working with Storybook to visualize components in a UI kit

  • Familiarity with a11y. Our UI kit uses @react-aria to help us build accessible components.

  • Advanced knowledge of rollup features and plugins

  • Familiarity with esbuild

  • Familiarity with Vite

  • Able to write effective tests with Jest and @testing-library/*

  • Experience interacting with smart contracts in the UI

  • Experience with ethers.js

Nice to have:

  • Experience with react-table / @tanstack/table

  • Experience publishing packages to npm

  • Experience with both immer and Javascript Proxies

  • Experience writing e2e tests with Cypress

  • Familiar with where backend services (API calls, websockets) can augment the user experience, and how to properly subscribe/call them in a performant way

TLDR: guru-level, passionate web3 React Typescript developer with experience building styled headless components covered by tests. Must have initiative and be self-guided.

Final nice to have: given a problem, be able to architect an end-to-end solution for it. This combines business analyst skills with architect skills.

Compensation negotiable.