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Security Engineer - Product Security

Sep 18
Fully Remote

All roles with Chainlink Labs are global and remote-based. Unless otherwise stated, we ask that you try to overlap some working hours with Eastern Standard Time (EST). We encourage you to apply regardless of your location.

About Us

Chainlink is the industry-standard Web3 services platform that enables developers to build feature-rich Web3 applications with seamless access to real-world data and off-chain computation.

  • Chainlink has helped enable $8T+ in transaction value since the start of 2022.

  • Over 1,700 Web3 projects have integrated Chainlink services.

  • Chainlink is live on 15+ blockchains with many having joined the Chainlink SCALE program.

  • Chainlink is relied upon by industry-leading protocols like Aave, Compound, Paxos, Synthetix, and ENS.

  • Chainlink has delivered 7.4B+ data points on-chain and onboarded 900+ decentralized oracle networks.

  • Chainlink has established collaborations with Associated Press, Accuweather, AWS, Google Cloud, Meta, and Twilio.

  • The world-class Chainlink Labs research team has won various awards for its work on distributed systems, security, and more.

Who we’re looking for:

  • You’re focused on what matters most and ignore unimportant industry distractions. 

  • You take extreme ownership and deliver outstanding results. 

  • You have a growth mindset, seek out feedback and engage in constructive dialogue with others to help them grow.

  • You move fast and evolve with rapidly advancing technologies. 

  • You want to be part of a team that excels and is committed to building the Chainlink Network and growing the Web3 ecosystem over the long term.

  • You are welcoming toward a diverse network of participants joining an open, global standard.

  • You’re excited about the future of Web3 and building a world powered by cryptographic truth.


The security department is the guardian of Chainlink Labs’ people and infrastructure. Its principal objective is to safeguard Chainlink Labs and its assets against potential threats from any external or internal source. This mission is accomplished through a combination of specialized security engineering, the deployment of cutting-edge technologies, forward-thinking policy development, and the training of highly skilled, security-aware personnel throughout the entire organization.

As an indispensable component of the larger organization, the team seeks to promote a widely understood culture of security, safeguarding our most valuable assets while remaining agile and accessible to all employees and the community. 

The Chainlink Labs Product Security team is looking for a driven and passionate Security Engineer to join our rapidly expanding team. You will help design and advise other teams on secure and scalable architectures, assist with their implementation, and develop entirely new and novel systems that protect Chainlink and the Web3 ecosystem. You’ll have the opportunity to help shape and secure the next generation of Web3 products and infrastructure.

What you will do:

  • Build security tools and controls that are deployed across the company

  • Design, develop, and deploy new core security features to public Chainlink products like the Chainlink core node

  • Define new processes and systems that make attacks on our networks hard to execute and easy to detect

  • Immerse yourself in Chainlink’s upcoming engineering and non-engineering projects and ensure security is fundamental to their design and functionality

  • Help define, shape, and achieve the company’s broader security goals

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Strong coding skills

  • Ability to adapt to fast changing environment and set of technologies

  • Previous experience in a security related function

  • Comfortable with *nix operating systems (including macOS)

  • Previous experience building security software or securing enterprise systems

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience in Go or Rust

  • Experience writing or auditing Solidity

  • Experience writing, auditing, or securing frontends (React, NPM)

  • Strong understanding of cryptography, including concepts such as TLS, FIDO, encryption, and public key cryptography

  • Familiarity with security analysis tooling and frameworks

  • Enthusiasm for the Ethereum (and other EVM compatible networks) with experience in tooling development, hardware wallets, and deployments

  • Experience working on open source software with a GitHub history to prove it