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Developer Advocate

Nov 1
€74K – €78K
Fully Remote

About Vocdoni

Vocdoni is an open-source project that develops the best open-source governance software based on decentralized technologies and cryptographic mechanisms such as SNARKs. Providing an alternative to the still common used centralized and private digital voting systems.

With this objective, we have developed Vocdoni Protocol, the first scalable, universally verifiable, highly flexible and censorship-resistant voting protocol. This Protocol has been used by hundreds of organizations like city councils, companies and associations, including some relevant ones like Football Club Barcelona or Aragon Network DAO.

We have also developed other end-consumer products such as Vocdoni APP, a web voting platform that allows to create simple votes, and the Vocdoni API, a point of access to our voting protocol that includes an easy-to-use SDK.

About the Role

As a Developer Advocate at Vocdoni, you will be responsible for leading the developer relations strategy, improving the presence of Vocdoni in the Web3 and FOSS communities, leading the developer experience and Developer Portal creation, and facilitate technical workshops and talks.

You will mainly work along with the Tech, Product and Comms teams.

Why do we need this role now

At Vocdoni, we are in the process of expanding our community and bringing more developers to the Vocdoni Protocol, the digital voting infrastructure we have developed. Our new Developer Portal, the Vocdoni API and developer tools, such as an SDK, will be available in the next few weeks, which is why we would like to target a more technical audience. We want to do this by improving our documentation, getting involved in more events and hackathons, and building a bidirectional relationship with developers that build on top of the Vocdoni Protocol.


  • Lead the Developer Advocacy strategy

  • Support the developer community with their queries, issues and proposals; helping their products scale.

  • Create and polish content such as guides, tech articles, and documentation pages.

  • Create and follow up with bounty tasks for Vocdoni

  • Design the best experience of our Developer Portal

  • Cultivate a good relationship between the developer community and Vocdoni, to bring them the best experience and get powerful feedback

  • Detect potential tech partnerships with other projects

  • Represent Vocdoni in events (hackathons, meetups, conferences).

  • Help the tech and product team become better at making public advances, roadmap, etc.

Requirements and skills

  • You have, at least, 3 years of software developer experience.

  • You have at least 1 year of experience in developer advocacy, developer relations, building developer communities, or similar.

  • You have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English, whether native or proficient.

  • You have experience in creating and maintaining documentation, building good readmes, etc.

  • You are an exceptional external communicator and a community leader

Nice to have

  • Experience and knowledge on decentralized technologies, Web3 and/or Blockchain

  • Experience working with DevTools, including creating documentation, API references, FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) readmes.

  • Experience contributing in FOSS projects

  • Experience working with Javascript/Typescript

  • A strong presence in the developer community.

Salary and benefits

  • Gross salary of up to 78k.

  • Variable Bonus of up to 12% of the gross salary, assigned in a quarterly basis.

  • Incentive Plan with Tokens after passing the test period: 20.000 ANT tokens with a 48 vesting period and 1 year cliff.

  • 35h week.

  • 100% remote and flexible working schedule.

  • Team retreats every quarter.

  • Office equipment: 4000 USD to buy your work.