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Gelato Network

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Backend Engineer (Rollups)

Feb 14
Fully Remote

Gelatois an all-in-one Ethereum Rollup as a Service Platform built without limits. Designed to be super-fast, incredibly secure, and infinitely scalable, Gelato rollups allow anyone to build and deploy their fully serviced Layer 2 chains on Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Celestia and more at a pace natively integrated with Web3’s favorite tools and services like Etherscan, The Graph, Pyth, Layer Zero and many more launching a production-ready web3 development environment from the Genesis block.

What we offer:

  • Join one of the most technically robust teams in the crypto space, operating in a fully remote environment with our headquarters located in the crypto hub of Zug, Switzerland.

  • Play a pivotal role in shaping the future of blockchain, by contributing to the development of Gelato’s Rollup-As-A-Service Platform, already trusted by leading projects like Lisk and Astar Network.

  • Dive deep into cutting-edge Web3 technologies with exposure to Gelato’s premier Middleware Services stack, including Gelato Web3 Functions and Gelato Relay, foundational to top-tier applications such as MakerDAO, Connext, Abracadabra, and Pancakeswap.

  • Earn and have a say with the GEL Token package, granting you a stake in the network’s future and a voice in the strategic direction of the project.

  • Be backed by the best, with support from world-class investors including Dragonfly, IOSG, Galaxy Digital, ParaFi, Gnosis, and renowned figures like Stani Kulechov among others, securing your position at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.


  • Master diverse Ethereum Rollup technologies including Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, zkSync, and more, preparing for deployment, operation, debugging, and enhancement activities.

  • Architect a high-impact decentralized network, focusing on scalability to manage a sequencer and RPC node infrastructure that processes millions of transactions and handles billions of RPC requests daily.

  • Deepen your expertise in Zero Knowledge proofs, embracing the challenge of working with ZK-EVM stacks and pushing the boundaries of privacy and scalability in blockchain.

  • Embrace full ownership of your code with a proactive approach to DevOps, ensuring robust deployment and real-time monitoring in collaboration with our Infrastructure team.

  • Innovate within Rollup ecosystems, designing and implementing groundbreaking features like Decentralized Sequencing, Eigenlayer restaking, peer-to-peer messaging, threshold signatures, and trust-minimized off-chain computation.

  • Enhance network security and resilience, creatively identifying potential attack vectors and failure points, establishing reproducible testing environments, and crafting strategic fixes.

  • Develop and refine recovery protocols for our core node software, ensuring system robustness and rapid response to unforeseen events.

  • Build and maintain distributed systems designed for exceptional reliability across diverse blockchain environments, setting new standards for uptime and performance.


  • You can work with high autonomy from research, spec, implementation, deployment, monitoring and patching your code

  • Strong written and verbal English communication skills

  • You are comfortable with both Software Engineering and DevOps

  • You have extensive experience in shipping production-grade code that handles thousands of user interactions or transactions

  • Extensive knowledge about the inner workings of the Ethereum client architecture and especially its EVM execution client geth

  • Strong knowledge about the inner workings of the various Ethereum rollup clients including but not limited to op-geth, understand the underlying components, and have opinions about the various trade-offs of those components and platforms

  • Have a deep understanding of the EVM and how external tooling integrates with it

  • 8 years experience with Golang/Rust and Node.js/TypeScript

  • 3 years and more experience with p2p network technologies such as libp2p

  • 3 year experience with Web3 libraries and backend development (e.g. ethers.js, viem)

  • 2 year experience with Solidity

  • Strong experience with high throughput database systems

  • Strong experience with maintaining scalable microservices systems

  • Strong  experience with distributed systems and/or container orchestration

  • Strong interest in Web3/crypto industry

  • Experience using crypto applications (e.g. Uniswap, Aave, etc.)

  • B.S. or higher in computer science, software engineering or related technical field

Technologies we use and teach:

  • GETH and its various Rollup forks

  • Node.js/TypeScript

  • Golang/Rust

  • libp2p

  • RabbitMQ

  • Redis

  • GCP (less AWS)

  • Ethers.js

  • Subgraphs


  • Work very autonomously

  • Generous GEL token package

  • Competitive Salary

  • Work together with one of the best technical teams on Ethereum

  • Build relationships with top teams which are already Gelato users, including MakerDAO, Optimism, Pancakeswap and many more

  • Chance to travel the world to go to exciting events and connect with key players in this industry

  • Join amazing in-person offsites all over the world