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Growth Hacker Web3 Analytics

Jan 17
$60K – $105K, 0.25% – 0.5%
Fully Remote

About DoinGud

DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact.

We strive to be community-owned, governed, and curated, ensuring we empower our creators, curators, collectors, and communities to tap into sustainable income streams, creatively engage with their patrons, and create lasting impact for the causes they care about.

About you and us

We are here to inspire creativity and provide accessibility to this new digital medium. We bring together communities, foster positive impact, manifest opportunity, and remove barriers of entry to inspire creativity and fuel passions.

The DoinGud team is full of proactive creators and hands-on builders. We are currently in execution mode and are excited and committed to providing an innovative, feature-rich, and accessible ecosystem for our creators, partners, and collaborators.

Our team members embody our values and ethos, and we collaborate with individuals who are:

  • Autonomous

  • Collaborative

  • Patient

  • Kind, Mindful, & Ambitious

  • Communicate Openly and Clearly

  • Open to Learning, Teaching, and Sharing Knowledge

  • Fast-Paced, Delivery-Oriented, and Participate in Do-ocracy

  • English Speaking

In the rapidly evolving and exciting NFT space, we are seeking individuals who add unique flair, creative ideas, vibrant energy, and technical wizardry to our team. We view ourselves as more of a movement than a platform, and we are looking for like-minded professionals to join us on this journey.

Initially you are part of the core team that is launching the DoinGud protocol and in the future it will be managed as DAO.

What does a Growth Hacker do at DoinGud?

The Growth Hacker is responsible for developing and implementing digital analytics solutions across various digital channels for DoinGud Marketplace. He will be responsible for analysis, deployment, testing, implementing, and supporting Agile Delivery.

He nurtures the team with regular advices and users inputs. By being able to query blockchains, with the help of our Dev squads, he is able to feed Data Visualisation tools with Users and Competitors data, bringing the Web3 dimension in the middle of DoinGud Analytics.


  • Implement digital tagging for Web 2 data capture to track digital marketing efforts to determine brand and campaign effectiveness

  • Design, implement, and document customized analytics digital tagging/tracking specifications for digital content

  • Develop and publish Tag Management metrics, ensure tag audits are conducted and results published on regular basis, track and manage all tag requests (internal and external) end-to-end

  • Manage the analytics Data Layers in collaboration with engineering team

  • Manage various Tag Management platforms/solutions together with team members

  • Give SEO (Search Engine Optimization) recommendation and advice to the team

  • Coordinate data ingestion feeds and web tag updates while ensuring data quality and accuracy

  • Handle data preparation and data analysis portions of various projects

  • Ensure accuracy of results produced from digital tags as a result of data analysis

  • Performs other related duties as assigned


  • Concrete experience on Growth Hacking

  • Experience with Blockchain and Web 3

  • Experience with GTM Server Side, GA4, DataStudio

  • Experience with custom Data Layers implementation

  • Experience querying data by writing SQL/NoSQL for analysis

  • Experience with Digital Media and exposure to web optimization strategies

  • Working knowledge of common reporting tools

  • Must be a detail-oriented, creative thinker with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Ability to work on international projects with multi-cultural teams

  • Experience with Notion, Slack, GA, Github, GTM, Data Studio, DataDog

  • Strong interests in Art, NFT, CryptoCurrencies, Blockchain, Decentralized Finance topics

  • Ability to to work in a multicultural context

  • Autonomy, proactivity and rigor – ability to analyze needs, challenge them and translate that to the product team


  • You are a problem solver with hands-on mentality, we believe in do-ocracy and turning ideas into actions!

  • You want to learn and help in anyway possible.

  • You want to be part of something great that positively impacts society and genuinely do good.

  • You are proactive to collaborate remotely, we are all in different timezones!


  • Be part of a movement. We strive for bold changes and envision to make a big impact. Bring your passion, energy and creativity to participate.

  • Learn and grow. You get to continuously learn and develop your skills.

  • Be free. You have the freedom to set the time you are gonna work.

  • Do good.

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