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Senior Frontend Engineer

Mar 22
Contract / Full-Time
$42K – $72K
Fully Remote

前端工程师/Senior Frontend Engineer

关于你/About you

你对区块链和开源社区充满热情。你享受通过技术手段解决问题。你讨厌简单重复的工作,你喜欢通过抽象寻找最大公约数将处理逻辑收归一处,并利用自动化工具简化流程。你相信 Web3 是下一个十年机会。你喜欢独立思考,你值得信赖,坚持长期主义。

You are passionate about blockchain and the open-source community. You enjoy solving problems through technical means. You dislike simple repetitive tasks, preferring to abstract and streamline processing logic to a common denominator, utilizing automation tools to simplify processes. You believe Web3 is the opportunity of the next decade. You enjoy independent thinking, are reliable, and adhere to long-termism.


你将深入的参与到 .bit 的核心开发工作中。包括:

  • 与产品经理/设计师一起为用户提供简洁易用的前端产品界面

  • 维护团队开源项目,包括 JS-SDK/基础设施/开源产品

  • 与社区成员一起解决用户和开发者的问题,并反向驱动产品开发

You will deeply engage in the core development work of .bit, including:

  • Collaborating with product managers/designers to provide users with a simple and intuitive frontend product interface.

  • Maintaining team open-source projects, including JS-SDK/infrastructure/open-source products.

  • Working with community members to solve user and developer issues, and driving product development in reverse.


  • 至少 4 年前端经验,至少最近 2 年的 React 与 TypeScript 经验

  • 精通 React,既有深度(理解 React 原理)也有广度(熟练使用各种 React 库)

  • 全日制计算机相关专业至少本科毕业

  • 勤奋务实,对工作有期待有激情,不需要职场老油条

  • 对于重复的工作有自己的一套优化方法论

  • At least 4 years of frontend experience, with at least 2 recent years of React and TypeScript experience.

  • Proficiency in React, both in depth (understanding React principles) and breadth (proficient use of various React libraries).

  • Full-time undergraduate degree in a computer-related field.

  • Diligent and pragmatic, with expectations and passion for work, without the need for workplace clichés.

  • Have your own methodology for optimizing repetitive work.

加分项/Bonus Points:

  • 有业余时间开发的 Side project、Blog,或曾为开源项目贡献过代码

  • 有 Web3 相关开发经验,了解区块链相关的工具(Ethers.js,Metamask 等)

  • 远程工作经验,善用 Copilot、GPT 等工具提高工作效率

  • Side projects, blogs developed in spare time, or contributions to open-source projects.

  • Experience in Web3 development, familiarity with blockchain-related tools (Ethers.js, Metamask, etc.).

  • Remote work experience, adept at using Copilot, GPT, and other tools to improve work efficiency.