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Pozzle Planet DAO

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Treasury Analyst / Token Value Engineer

Jan 24
Fully Remote

Pozzle Planet is an ‘impact-2-earn’ Protocol and social platform powered by the $POZ token.

Pozzle Planet Treasury is looking for members to join our ‘Token Team’ for an initial 12 week period as we launch the Pozzle Protocol and the $POZ token to market, which is happening in parallel to the launch of our cornerstone platform - the Pozzle Planet mobile game-app coming soon for iOS & Android mobile devices on App Store & Google Play.

We’re looking for Token Team members with experience in DeFi treasury management, value-creation & token engineering, modelling and analytics, crypto tokenomics, designing, launching & managing tokens & protocols, and it will be helpful if you have expertise in the systems of DeFi and mathematical models for aspects like supply curves and mining.

You will work directly with the core team and be responsible for:

  • Building and running new models that provide meaningful insights through analytics and diagnostics as well as enabling optimisation of the entire $POZ token system: supply & distribution of $POZ, impact & yields, pricing, value-creation

  • Provide recommendations based on modelling for token design, Protocol parameter settings & mechanics, Treasury rebalancing and investment strategies, revenue lines, pricing growth, monetary policy

  • Help manage the Treasury’s token baskets & portfolios and continuously optimise the parameters of the Pozzle Planet Protocol to fairly distribute value-creation amongst the community whilst growing the value of the Treasury and the $POZ token overall

  • Communicating the reasoning with the Pozzle Planet community through announcements & voice meetings on Discord

All with a focus on maximising impact and value, the Token Team members will be compensated with a $POZ allocation that is vested via smart contract. Compensation for the 12 week project is in $POZ, the Pozzle DAO’s native crypto & platform token: 15,000 $POZ vested monthly over 24 months.

You will be instrumental in the short and long term success of the $POZ token by joining our DAO team with over 15 contributing members operating daily. We collaborate via Discord. If this sparks joy and you want to start value-engineering the $POZ token and analysing the Pozzle Treasury today - please fill out the form to apply - we’d love to speak with you about the role.