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CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Mar 14
Fully Remote

CMO Position Responsibilities:

1. Brand Strategy: Develop and execute the company’s brand strategy, including positioning, identity, and communication strategies, ensuring alignment with the company’s vision and values. 2. Marketing Strategy: Determine marketing strategies, including promotional activities, content marketing, social media marketing, etc., to enhance brand awareness and user engagement. 3. User Growth: Responsible for developing and implementing user growth strategies, including user acquisition, activation, retention, and conversion, to achieve business objectives. 4. Market Research and Analysis: Conduct in-depth market research and analysis to understand competitors and industry trends, providing data support for decision-making. 5. Brand Communication: Ensure effective communication of the brand story, engaging with target audiences through various channels and media to increase brand exposure and reputation. 6. Team Management: Lead and manage the marketing team, ensuring the achievement of team goals and improving team efficiency and quality of work.


1. Industry Experience: Rich marketing experience in the Web3 industry, familiar with blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralization-related fields. 2. Leadership Skills: Outstanding leadership and team management skills, able to inspire team members’ enthusiasm and creativity. 3. Strategic Thinking: Possess strategic planning and execution capabilities, able to develop and implement effective marketing strategies to drive business growth. 4. Innovative Awareness: Maintain sensitivity to Web3 trends, with innovative thinking and forward-looking mindset to bring new market opportunities to the company. 5. Communication Skills: Excellent communication and expression skills, able to effectively communicate and coordinate with internal teams and external partners. 6. Data Analysis: Possess data analysis and interpretation skills, able to discover business insights from data and make corresponding marketing decisions. 7. Learning Ability: Strong ability to learn and adapt quickly, able to continuously learn and grow in a fast-paced work environment. 8. Language Skills: Fluent in English and Chinese communication, able to communicate seamlessly with international teams and partners.