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Goshen network

Remote - Asia, Europe, North America
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CTO / Founding Member

Jan 18
Fully Remote

We are looking for a CTO to join our Layer 2 project and become a founding team member. You will join a small team of technical people who built the protocol and care deeply about blockchain technology. We are looking for you to help us take the technology to the next level and shape the future of the protocol!

We believe Optimistic rollup is the most viable scaling technology to enable mainstream adoption and have built Goshen network which is fully an Ethereum-equivalent Optimistic rollup based on a RISC-V fraud-proof system optimised for general-purpose EVM computation.

Goshen is built on top of Ethereum, the most secure and battle-tested programmable blockchain, in order to maintain decentralisation and security. The experience feels like you are interacting with Ethereum, but with transactions costing a fraction of what they do on L1. It’s fast and secure, and makes the lives of developers easy!


  • Manage R&D and engineering teams to shape the future of the protocol

  • Develop Goshen’s layer 2 node and backend services with Golang

  • Develop onchain smart contracts with Solidity

  • Participate in architecture design of the project

  • Lead implementation efforts and oversee code quality

  • Conduct independent research on technical progress of layer 2 technologies

  • Recruit and train new team members

  • Facilitating professional growth of your team members

About you

  • Deep understanding of blockchain development on Ethereum network and preferably good understanding of L2 technologies

  • Extensive production experience with Golang

  • Experience with Solidity and other Web3 related technologies

  • Exceptional technical communication skills

  • Deep understanding of software engineering best practices and managing engineering teams

  • Experience with cryptography/networking/protocol/compiler/consensus design is a big plus