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Kilonova Ventures

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Head of Research and Content

May 21
Fully Remote

Why work with us

Kilonova is a boutique marketing and strategy advisory firm focused on supporting projects across Blockchain Infrastructure, DeFi, Web3, and the Metaverse.

We exist to support the blitzscaling efforts of visionary leaders that can push decentralization, self-sovereignty and conscious capitalism forward.

As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that pioneering bleeding-edge technology, building a rockstar distributed team, figuring out product-market fit, fostering a vibrant community, and raising capital - at the same time - is really hard. So we join founders and their projects early, accept responsibility for narrative formation, building out critical brand touchpoints, hiring and training the marketing team, and generating traction in the shape of community growth, lead generation, and investment commitments in the early stage startups we advise.

Our mission is to empower and accelerate these nascent projects around the world, with the vision that by doing so we can help shape the future of money, the new Internet, and the way we collaborate, grow and enjoy life.

Role Summary

We are looking for an experienced and proficient Head of Research and Content Writer with 5+ years of experience. You will research and produce deep internal research that will inform and shape Kilonova’s thesis, and engaging and insightful long form content to our clients and partners that will educate, inspire and be foundational in driving alignment and shared understanding, as well as fueling community awareness and interest towards the vision of portfolio companies.

You will be responsible for researching the latest topics around Blockchain Infrastructure, DeFi, Web3, and the Metaverse. This will form the context for you to create compelling and inspired presentations, long and short form content and research reports that can shape our partner’s product roadmap, while also creating compelling and engaging stories to the community at large.

The ideal candidate is passionate about blockchain technology, emerging forms of DeFi, DataFi, ReFi, GameFi, deSci, and NFTs, and the impact these technologies can bring to our world. We hope you feel empowered and aware that strong research and great stories have the power to change the status quo. Our Head of Research and Content is passionate, detail oriented, focused, and takes pride in seeing the lightbulb on top of someone’s head after reading a research report or thought piece. Writing will always be one of the most powerful skills one can have, and we’re looking for folks with that superpower.

How you will contribute to the overall success of the team:

  • Research and understand the technical aspects of Web3 projects and become an internal champion who can add input and feedback to the technical and product teams of our portfolio companies.

  • Own and drive the overall content development strategy of such projects, with the intent of growing their audience and community. This will be a large part of this position so we are looking for folks who can operate both as an introverted thinker and an extroverted evangelist.

  • The content needs to be technically ahead of the curve, at the bleeding edge of Web3, culturally up to date, immersive and engaging for the community.

  • You will support the teams in expanding their concepts and turning insightful denser pieces into irresistible snack contents that will help drive awareness and consideration to our portfolio projects.

Key responsibilities

  • Plan, Research, Draft, Discuss, Polish and Proofread long form content eg, Lightpapers, and Thought pieces efficiently and against challenging (but reasonable) deadlines, guidelines, and briefs

  • Create copy in different writing styles for various channels: blog, PR, website, video scripts, tweets, etc - with the goal of educating, exciting, and inspiring comunities

  • Collaborate with tech, biz dev, marketing and product teams in order to inform your engaging content creation to enhance the visibility of our partners

  • Regularly curate, write and proofread flash and breaking news articles, responding quickly to market-moving news, industry movements and company updates

  • Write and keep updated Docs, FAQ’s and Notion pages, making them succinct and informative, without being dull

Must have skills and attributes

  • A passion for storytelling and native or native-like English

  • Remarkable writing and research skills, strong attention to detail

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree, ideally, in Technology, Computer Science, Philosophy, Economics, Journalism, Communications, Marketing or related fields

  • 5+ years of research / writing experience in crypto, tech or finance

  • Strong understanding of Blockchain, Web3, Creator Economy and DeFi

  • Possess the following qualities: inquisitive, proactive, responsive, and responsible

  • Strong ability to manage priorities and work quickly under tight deadlines

  • Internal drive, intellectual ambition and focus to do deep work

  • Strong teamwork and communication skills, ability to work remotely and sync regularly on progress and delivery

  • Portfolio of research samples to show

Benefits of working with us

  • A balanced in-person / remote work policy in a dynamic, fast paced firm

  • The opportunity of working with bleeding edge technology

  • Close collaboration with leading blockchain projects and thought leaders in the space

  • Health insurance and Gympass

  • International travel opportunities for conferences and portfolio company workshops

  • Online learning subsidies and incentives

Some of our guiding principles

  • Mission Driven: Helping our portfolio companies achieve their vision is our way of supporting progress towards a better world

  • Abundance Mindset: There’s enough for everyone - we succeed by helping everyone around us succeed.

  • Self-Mastery: ​Mindful conduct and always on learning are critical components for personal and collective growth

  • **Collaborative:**​ Expertise is key, but sharing knowledge and building together with joy is the foundation for truly remarkable work

  • Curiosity and an open mind: We believe in the power of asking the right questions and we welcome folks who can learn from everything and everyone