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New York City (NY), Remote - North America
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Senior Front-End Engineer

Nov 10
$60K – $110K, 0.01% – 0.03%
Fully Remote

About us

Block explorers suck. They load obscure data that requires years of chain nativity to understand intuitively. We don’t believe this standard can persist if Web3 is to progress. None of the promises of the technology or the ethos—transparency and equity in global decision making, data organization, and the potential to change social structures—matter unless they can be accessed. Thus, one of the most immediate problems in web3 that must be solved is extremely poor user experience. This problem is experienced across the entire web3 stack, starting at the core—block data.


The Lore Block Explorer makes blockchain data legible, and querying as simple as Google Search.

Lore is building THE semantic search interface for on-chain data. We are doing this by first building a transaction action translator that takes the current standard of block-data (32 bit wallet addresses, random method calls, and indecipherable 0 value transactions when it is abundantly clear that value has been moved) and translates it to a simple English sentence.

With our unique dataset of activity descriptors and assets, we are then able to create semantic searches.


  1. We think deeply about the space and how the world would look different if and when we succeed in our mission. We hire people who contribute to this discourse.

  2. We work hard. This is an early stage startup in a bear market. The hours are long but very rewarding. We are extremely respectful of your limits, always.

  3. We celebrate wins

  4. We analyse losses

  5. We speak our minds

About you

We are looking for a senior front-end software engineer who is passionate about the intersection of UX and web3, and appreciates the power that interfaces have to transform user experiences.

  1. You have a natural sense for product and obsess over the details

  2. You love the fast-paced motion of a small team on a mission. Oh, and you love growth

  3. You speak your mind and are unafraid to disagree because you believe the best collaborative efforts are open and honest

  4. You’re chain native. That means you know and understand blockchain data, logic, and structure intuitively as a function of exposure and experience.

Bonus: if you’re working and leading a team at Big Tech right now, we’d love to be your way out.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Own the interface design implementation process for the Block Explorer Product (wallet address pages, contract pages, token pages etc).

  2. Work closely with the CTO, Product Leads and Designers to build a cohesive process for front-end deliverables

  3. Frequent assessment and iteration recommendations best on the same

Hard Qualifiers

  • 2-3 years of building React/Angular/or Vue apps in teams

  • Multiple Projects building with React - (Typescript + NextJS) with clean, scalable, performant code

  • Extensive familiarity using TailwindCSS

  • Multiple projects building with React Query, SWR, or similar caching libraries

  • Multiple projects building with Jotai, Zustand, or similar state management libraries (flexible)

  • Experience implementing real-time (e.g. websockets, polling, etc.) web apps


  • Extensive familiarity with Ether.js and experience building front-ends that have interacted with wallet providers. We understand if you are not familiar, but this is a big plus.

  • Past experience working with blockchain data and familiarity with smart contracts.

  • Backend

    • Familiarity with PSQL databases and ORMs

    • Familiarity with Docker

    • Familiarity with NodeJS

Soft Qualifiers

  • Endless curiosity about the future of web3. We are looking for people who will come to us with new, creative ways to use this legible data—thinking critically about this is part of the job

  • You are passionate about the space, and want to work in it outside of the promise of financial gain; we want to see from you that you know this company should exist even outside of the team that is building it.

Compensation 🎟

  • Options

  • Compensation: 125-180K

  • Health and Dental

  • 401K Matching

  • Paid leave!

  • Company off-sites, travel stipends

  • Technology Stipend

  • Monthly Food Stipend

Founding Team

  • 👋 Armaan Kalsi (CEO, Design + Product)

  • 👊 Ryan Myher (COO, Marketing + Ops)

  • 🐕 Brihu Sundararaman (CTO, Dev + Product)

  • AJ Scaramucci (co-founder)

  • Alex Klokus (co-founder)

  • Backed by Great Names

We have raised over $1.8M to date from tier one venture capitalists, both in crypto and outside of it.