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Senior Blockchain Engineer

Nov 17
Contract / Full-Time
Fully Remote

What we do

We are creating a web3 well-being service that allows users to own and control their data while still being able to put data into well-being services to enhance their well-being.

We pay particular focus on relationships well-being and social capital.

We are an HRtech company by nature.

Ultimately, the purpose of people’s working lives is to enhance the well-being of the individual and the well-being of society. However, such services using the power of data do not exist in the world.

We believe that data and social well-being should be public goods, even though individuals are the owners.

Public goods are always local (dependent on a community’s shared context and value system), not universal.

Moreover, public goods arise from a shared understanding of what is in the public interest (what makes life meaningful) in the context of contingent and culturally complex relationships among each other. Thus, it is necessary to design not only for universality but also for adaptability.

This requires both macro-level structure and micro-level diversity.

Furthermore, public goods must have positive externalities, and if we see ourselves as beneficiaries of the public goods of past societies, this includes the people of the future.

Thus, at the macro level, it is necessary to create a platform that utilizes web3 tech stacks to create a governance structure for DAOs and a structure that allows for the participation of a variety of stakeholders.

By doing so, our goal is to achieve the following:

  • to a society where good relationships cultivate well-being.

  • to a pluralistic, coexisting society where everyone can contribute to well-being


You will be responsible for designing and implementing smart contracts and decentralized infrastructure for a data-centric well-being platform using Blockchain technology. This role is ideal for someone with a strong track record in open-source projects and an interest in decentralized, self-sovereign identity, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), or NFT.

  • Design and implementation of highly available and performant solutions.

  • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code.

  • Implementation of security and data protection protocols.

  • Documenting and presenting open-source solutions.

  • Interacting with and contributing to standards groups.

  • Document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code.

  • Directing the development team in the design, development, coding, testing and debugging of applications.

  • Participate in code reviews, education and mentorship.


  • Proven work experience as a Software Engineer or Software Developer.

  • Ability to develop software in Solidity. (OpenZepplin, Truffle or hardhat)

  • Experience in DAO development.

  • At least 5 years of experience in smart contract development in either DeFi, NFT, Digital ID or Zero-knowledge proof (zk proof) solutions.

  • Can work with high autonomy.

  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills.

  • Expert-level experience in JavaScript, ES6+.

  • Strong experience in type-safe languages.

  • Experience with private EVM or Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is a plus.

  • Experience maintaining Open-Source projects.

  • Experience working with Scrum and Kanban, preferably in a distributed team.

  • Strong grounding in Data security.

  • Experience with Git.

Our Team and workstyle

  • Total of 20 people. Of these, all of whom are contract employees. 7 are full-time members.

  • Our members live in Canada, Vietnam, Japan, and Singapore.

  • Currently, our team’s main time zone is the Asia-Pacific time zone.

  • We operate our team on the premise of full remote, online, asynchronous, low-context communication so that all people can work towards equality, fairness, and contribution to society while maximizing the well-being of each person’s life.

Our Tech Stack

  • JavaScript

  • Flutter

  • Blockchain: Solidity, Quorum, IPFS, Hardhat and Foundry

  • Serverless: AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Neptune etc.

  • iOS & Android

How to apply and process

Please share any documents or links that will help us understand you.