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DeFi Researcher

Binance Smart Chain
Sep 27
Freelance / Full-Time / Part-Time
Fully Remote

We’re looking for a DeFi Researcher, with:

  • Technical background (Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or similar)

  • 2+ years with deep experience in crypto & Decentralized Finance

  • Ability to understand deep technical aspects of DeFi projects.

  • Ability to read and easily understand technical whitepapers

  • Ability to prioritize what is important to analyze from an investment perspective

  • Passion and excitement for the crypto & DeFi space

  • Entrepreneurial and get-it-done mentality


Managing the complete investment cycle from sourcing and evaluating potential investment opportunities through to successful portfolio management


  • Provide quick and good research

  • Continuously conduct competitor analysis

  • Analyze and complete useful strategies for all potential investments

  • Ability to think strategically, work with a sense of urgency and attention to detail

  • Use different effective data tools to collect data for further research and analysis

  • Complete thorough risk assessments and provide new investment propositions

  • Develop and maintain long - lasting relationships with external company senior executives, successfully initiating preliminary enquiries for investment opportunities and ensuring a good return on investment can be achieved

  • Prepare insightful and easy-to-follow Industry reports


  • Have strong understanding of DeFi specifics

  • Have ability to analyze big data by using various tools

  • Have ability to think strategically to see the big picture while working with ambiguity and uncertainty

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with the ability to articulate results of the analysis in the easy-to-understand the content way

  • Good knowledge of different ecosystems at advanced level (e.g. Ethereum [including Polygon, Binance Smart Chain], PolkaDot),

  • Quick learner who is easily able to understand new products, systems, applications and technologies

Multisig.ventures is a Web 3 investment firm globally focusing on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and cross-chain infrastructure. The firm invests in both liquid and illiquid digital assets and backs exceptional teams at their earliest stage.