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Monad Labs

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Lead Community Manager

Nov 9
$75K – $100K
Fully Remote

Monad is creating the foundation for a new world of powerful decentralized applications. We’re doing this by building a new ultra high-performance EVM-compatible blockchain supporting 10,000 TPS, and by supporting a growing ecosystem of app developers leveraging the high throughput and interactivity of this new platform.

Our mission is to enable a new universe of apps—use cases and user flows that are currently impossible—that take advantage of this efficient, interconnected environment, ultimately unleashing the power of decentralization to make the world more efficient and fair.

About Monad

Monad Labs is an early-stage venture-backed crypto startup founded by HFT engineers from Jump Trading. We are working on the most impactful problem in crypto: building a high-performance blockchain to address severe bottlenecks in existing systems.

The Monad blockchain offers the best of both worlds for dapp developers: performance and portability. Our key differentiator is combining extremely high performance with EVM compatibility. To do this, our team solves challenging problems in distributed systems and low-level optimization.

The Role

After strict focus on developing our core infra and technology, Monad blockchain is quickly approaching its Testnet v0 release. Ahead of that launch, we are excited to welcome our first community-focused hire to nurture the early community of supporters who are passionate about our vision and our technology.

We are looking for someone who loves crypto, is creative, is ambitious, is organized, and has experience with and passion for building community.

You will engage the community directly, serving as a bridge between the core dev team and the community, and promoting good vibes, quality memes, and lots of fun.

You’ll also creatively devise ways for community members to contribute at this early stage, as well as ways to recognize community members who are contributing positively. You’ll develop an internal playbook for growing the community through initiatives like Ambassador Programs, events, and AMAs.

This role is on the critical path of Monad’s growth, and will ultimately have a massive impact on helping crypto achieve mass adoption.


Prior experience:

  • You’re crypto-native: immersed in crypto culture, and aware of the prevailing personalities, memes, and major narratives and projects

  • You’ve built and managed the community for a crypto / web3 project with clear KPIs

  • You have extensive experience with Discord and Twitter

  • You have experience organizing an ambassador program.

  • You have experience managing other people and setting clear guidelines and expectations

Required personal attributes:

  • Creativity

  • Ambition

  • A sense of humor

  • Data-driven: you’re comfortable analyzing data and driving action plans from it

  • Independence: you thrive on a high level of autonomy, responsibility, and ownership

  • Technical curiosity: you enjoy learning about and explaining technical concepts and products

  • Strong written English communication skills

  • Enthusiasm for Monad’s mission of enabling far more decentralized computation


  • Graphic design skills

  • Public speaking skills

  • Existing relationships in the crypto space

What you’ll be doing

  • You’ll be responsible for cultivating Monad’s community of early believers who are passionate about Monad’s ambitious vision and meaningful technology.

  • You’ll cultivate Monad’s community directly; you’ll personally be the voice of Monad in discord and twitter, helping to promote good vibes and fun, communicating our values and vision, and acting as a bridge between our community and our dev team.

  • You’ll build our community management effort into a scalable effort by hiring and managing excellent Community Moderators. You’ll develop clear guidelines and an internal playbook for Community Moderators to help our community thrive.

  • You’ll creatively devise avenues for community members to contribute at this early stage, as well as ways to recognize community members who are contributing positively.

  • You’ll lead organization and coordination of online community events such as community calls, twitter spaces, AMAs, and contests.

  • You’ll identify, track, and impress community KPIs.

  • You’ll work alongside other members of BD and Growth team to build cohesive brand and voice for Monad.

  • You’ll stay up-to-date on topics and trends in the crypto space.

  • You’ll advocate on behalf of the community, communicating feedback and needs back to the engineering team.

Why work with us

  • Our community is vital to our success. You’ll be at the forefront of Monad’s success story, growing our community and building engagement among ecosystem actors.

  • You’ll shape the culture as an early team member and make impactful contributions from day one.

  • You’ll receive competitive compensation.

  • You’ll have the flexibility to work where it best suits you - we are fully remote, distributed throughout the US and Canada.

  • You’ll work with great people.

  • Your work will be deeply impactful, outreaching on behalf of a platform that offers more affordable and more efficient decentralized computation for blockchain, and ultimately paving the way for new dapps that improve many people’s lives.