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Nov 10
$150K – $300K, 0.01% – 2%
Fully Remote

MEP is currently building a relay chain defined multi-chain communication protocol.

Job Description:

  1. Lead the design and development of blockchain, contracts, and protocols on top of them;

  2. Hands-on practice in major modules of blockchain, including but not limited to p2p network, consensus, storage, VM, etc;

  3. Collaborating with the product design team, and making plans for new features;

  4. Managing the development teams, making plans and roadmaps for the team members, and helping them finish the tasks.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or other relevant majors;

  2. 5 years of experience with software development;

  3. Familiar with at least two languages in Golang/Rust/C++;

  4. Having experience in building blockchains, experience building renowned public chains preferred;

  5. Having a deep understanding of the technologies adopted by the popular chains, their consensus algorithm, and security models;

  6. Having experience in managing a development team with agile development, or equivalent management methods suitable for a startup;

  7. Good English writing and speaking.