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Miami (FL), New York (NY), San Francisco (CA), Remote - 4hr time overlap with EST
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Founding Blockchain Engineer

Oct 6
$180K – $250K, 1% – 2%
Fully Remote

Founding Blockchain Engineer (Senior Role)

Join Souq, and help build the first financial markets for virtual economies, enabling participants to own and invest in the dApps they love.

Souq was founded on one idea: Token economies represent the first opportunities for members to share in the financial upside of the app economies they frequent. Souq is lowering barriers to access and participate in DeFi. Our goal is to build the products and services that ensure an open financial system where participants can thoughtfully invest in the economies they love. Recently we completed our $3.3m pre-seed financing to pursue this goal.

What we are building


  1. Single dApp token staking exposes users to significant downside risk

  2. Maximizing staking reward rates requires long-term lockup periods

  3. Lockups and time vesting rewards limit position exit opportunities

  4. Positions with accrued value are illiquid and not composable across DeFi

  5. As a network scales, effective monetary governance is hard to coordinate


Souq is pioneering the first cross dApp liquid staking through the creation of a new financial vehicle we have termed Liquid Staking Vaults (LSVs). This new synthetic stakes across an index of token economies according to a fixed and transparent on-chain investment strategy. Market participants can maximize time-locks and reward rates while maintaining the flexibility to exit positions through a dedicated AMM pool.

We are looking for an experienced Solidity smart contract engineer to help us architect and build the first generation of the Liquid Staking Vaults. You will be responsible for leading implementation and design of smart contracts for the next generation of structured DeFi investment protocols on Ethereum.

What You’ll Do

  • Lead architecting and implementation of Liquid Staking Vault V1 smart contracts and tests

  • Design and implement periphery contracts for V1 vaults

  • Own contract security design and review as well as security guidance documentation

  • Build systems at scale to prevent classes of vulnerabilities

  • Monitor engineers, and collaborate with designers, product managers to turn requirements into products.


  • 4+ years of experience building and releasing production grade Solidity contracts

  • 8+ years of technical experience, degree in math or computer science

  • Strong understanding of the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), L2s, and the DeFi/Web3 ecosystem

  • Prior experience deploying complex smart contract systems to the Ethereum mainnet

  • Experience implementing complex math in Solidity

  • Experience with React, and Node.js and other frontend technologies

  • Desire to keep up with modern best practices in software development/Web3, and shape our tech stack as we build out new systems and services

  • Native to advanced English competency


  • Experience with financial services or crypto trading systems

  • Passion for video games, data, and/or economics

  • Backend experience, previous startup experience


  • $180-250k salary, up to 2% equity and 2% token allocation

  • Remote, requiring a minimum of 4hr time overlap with EST

  • Full company paid health and dental benefits

  • Offices in SF, NYC and Miami