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Berlin, Remote
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Product Lead

Nov 17
€100K – €130K
Fully Remote


Molecule’s story starts with patients and researchers. We imagine a world where patients directly fund researchers developing the next therapeutic breakthrough they need. A world where accessible, innovative therapeutics are created through collaborative drug development and fuelled by early R&D funding - operating at the intersection of biotechnology and decentralization, we are building the frameworks and platform to do exactly this.

Over the past 12 months, we have grown our team from 3 to 20 and recently closed a $12.7m Seed round. Now, we are looking to expand our team with a Sr. Product Manager/Product Lead, well-versed in blockchain technology and web3 and excellent in Product Exploration and Discovery.

As this position will form part of the most centric part of what Molecule will build over the months and years to come, we will be as intentional as possible in the hiring process, using the following crucial aspects to proceed with any applications received:

What we really want to see in you

  • We want to see a candidate that is excellent in Product Exploration and Discovery. You must be familiar with exploration and discovery processes, fallacies that can arise when consulting users for their feedback, and use different frameworks and technology to analyze the needs of users.

  • You are a well experienced Product Manager, preferably in companies with product-driven growth or start-ups, and with 6-8 years of experience.

  • Preferably, you have experience in/understand web3 to a large extent. If not, we have developers and general web3 knowledge in-house to fill any web3 knowledge gaps. Of critical importance is the ability to build and execute good exploration processes and have strong scrutiny of feature ideas that arise within that process.

  • You are an analytical thinker and are able to break down needs, problems, processes, and existing structures into their individual parts.

  • You excel in project management and are a clear and concise communicator & facilitator between different stakeholders.

  • You have experience with software design and development processes, as well as agile methodologies.

The Role

  • You should be excellent in Product Exploration and Discovery.

  • You will work together with designers and the tech team in creating, evaluating, and implementing product feature ideas. We’re looking for someone with an obsession with the problem and user.

  • You must think about the uncertainties of implementing solutions and be aware of the scarce resources of e.g. Tech to be implementing things with the biggest impact and largest certainty possible. This is why Product Exploration and Discovery is the most important aspect.

  • You will decide how the product evolves, what to implement, and even more important, what not to implement.

  • Additionally, you must support any project management in implementing the solutions.

Our offer to you

  • A highly competitive salary.

  • Flexible working hours across global time zones.

  • Annual leave days

  • Hobby leave days.

  • Mental health days.

  • Paid travel to Europe and US for conferences.

  • If you need one, a brand new MacBook Pro is yours.