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Blockchain Engineer R&D

Apr 30
Fully Remote

Arrakis aims to disrupt the current market-making industry by providing the infrastructure to enable every project in the world that wants to launch a token to benefit from non-custodial, trust-less, and automated on-chain market-making strategies. We believe in a world where every organization, from a small startup to a large enterprise, will be tokenized and traded on-chain. For this world, Arrakis is building the tools to create the necessary liquidity to enable this token economy to rival and out-compete the traditional financial industry.

As Blockchain Engineer R&D, you will bridge together the academic research and engineering worlds. You will lead our research team to guide Arrakis through all the academic progress in DEX designs and optimal liquidity strategies. You will write academic papers and present your research internally and in international conferences. Also, you will work with our engineering team to improve our existing infrastructure as well as producing new components to expand our capabilities.

What you’ll accomplish

Primary Tasks:

  • Write research papers and whitepapers of future Arrakis products

  • Create comprehensive presentations for internal discussions and for talks in research conferences

  • Work closely with our CTO on technical specifications and protocol designs

  • Design and implement automated strategies for liquidity provision

  • Train and backtest Machine Learning models

  • Design, build and test smart contracts, including Uniswap V4 Hooks

Secondary Tasks:

  • Perform internal auditings of smart contracts

  • Collaborate with the frontend team to integrate smart contracts to a UI

  • Work with the backend team to monitor automated strategies


Academic requirements:

  • PhD in Mathematics or Quantitative Finance

  • Solid academic track, with research publications in top journals and talks in international conferences

  • Up to date knowledge of last DeFi research papers and protocols

  • Expertise in Advanced Probability and Stochastic Calculus

  • Theoretical and applied knowledge of Machine Learning/Data Science

  • Experience with LaTeX and Inskcape to write academic papers

Tech requirements:

  • +1 year of experience in Blockchain development (Solidity, Hardhat, Foundry)

  • Blockchain deep understanding, including EVM

  • Deep knowledge of Uniswap V3 and Uniswap V4 smart contracts and libraries

  • Smart Contracts security principles

  • Machine Learning libraries (Python, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn)

  • React, Typescript, Wagmi and Viem for frontend integrations

  • AWS or GCP for backend integrations