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Blockchain Data Analyst - Technical Writer

Oct 10
Contract / Freelance / Part-Time
Fully Remote

Loch provides institution-grade wallet aggregation across leading blockchains. It’s used by analysts and researchers at some of the most sophisticated hedge funds and financial firms in the world. Eventually, everyone with significant exposure to blockchain based digital assets will have no choice but to use Loch.

We’re a small team. We have very few meetings. There’s high amounts of autonomy and challenging technical problems to work on. You don’t have to deal with bureaucracy and politics. Succeeding at Loch will be challenging and strenuous but nonetheless rewarding. We’re well capitalized and financed by some of the leading angels and investors. The salary is highly competitive.

General requirements

  • Strong attention to detail and a sense of pride in your craft.

  • Excellent written communication. Use of tools like chatGPT for swift grammatical accuracy and sentence construction is highly encouraged.

  • You appreciate direct communication. You’re cool with candid feedback and see every setback as an opportunity to grow

  • You’re ambitious and you’d rather spend your free time reading, learning, and upskilling yourself than doing anything else.

Job specific requirements

  • Good understanding of blockchain technology: addresses, transactions, assets, defi actions

  • Ability to use tools like blockchain explorers, self-custodial wallets, and other on-chain analytics tools

  • In-depth understanding of Twitter. You naturally find yourself spending a lot of time on twitter already

In this role you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work directly with the CEO

  • 10x your understanding of blockchains

  • Shape Loch’s product roadmap