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Community Manager with Experience Managing NFT Communities

Dec 7
$60K – $70K The option of receiving your pay every second in a stream
Fully Remote

Community manager with experience managing multiple NFT communities from Pre-Mint and Post-Mint on Twitter & Discord.

Skills Required:

  • Discord Moderation

  • Creating and Organizing New Servers

  • Securing Servers with 2 Factor Authentication

  • Integrating Verification Bots (e.g. Collab.land / whop)

  • Integrating Managment / Engagement Discord Bots (e.g. Mee6, wickbot, RP etc.)

  • Community Building

  • Twitter Community Management

  • Hosting Twitter Spaces

  • Targeting KOLs / Influencers

  • Twitter Raids

  • Hosting Discord AMAs

Experience Required:

  • 3+ NFT communities as either a manager or mod