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CMO / Community Manager

Jan 29
$60K – $150K, 0.1% – 1.5%
Fully Remote

We are looking for an experienced marketing professional who is highly collaborative, communicative, and self-motivated. The ideal candidate has a passion for and a proven track record of both creating and executing marketing strategies for great projects. This position is full-time and a 100% remote position.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Creative & Skilled in the field of Market

  • Familiar with how Blockchain technologies work

  • Keeps up to date with all relevant developments in Web 3

  • Experience working in marketing/community building/growth hacking in Web 3

  • Experience building and growing organic communities from zero

  • Master of Crypto Twitter, Discord and Social Media in general

  • Strategically plan and execute marketing campaigns across multiple platforms

  • Monitor and analyse KPIs across all marketing channels (website, paid campaigns, social media, newsletter)

  • Draft, design and create engaging and educating content for all social media channels and the THEIA Blog

  • Plan, produce, and coordinate online and offline events. (E.g. AMAs, Podcast etc…)

  • Build, foster and grow brand around THEIA

  • Self-sufficient, great communication, fluent English written & spoken.

About Theia:

We are building a DApp platform that enables creators to turn their ideas into reality through the power of decentralized communities.

The whole notion of investing is on the precipice of change. Influencers will be the market makers and VCs of the future.

This disruption is brought about by three main factors:

1. The Rise of Social Investing:

A new age of investors look to social media influencers and public figures to find new investment opportunities in NFTs, crypto, and equity markets. The key to this is trust, reputation, and credibility within online communities.

2. Everything is Becoming an Investable Asset:

NFTs (Art, Musician & Creator Royalties, Metaverse Real Estate & Patents in the future).

3. Anyone Can Be An Investor:

Web 3.0 technology is accessible to anyone. A truly borderless & global financial infrastructure.

Using Theia, influencers will not only be able to monetize their following but also Expertise. Influencers can build markets and approve which projects/artists/inventors are allowed on. Their “followers” can crowdfund “approved” investment opportunities via a fully decentralized and secure Single Financial Instrument which investors have the option to Liquidate At All Times.

What we are building is an organic process for both creating and nurturing atomic networks by an optimal alignment of the right incentives between Influencers, Investors, and the Project/Creators.

Social Investing is already here, and it is everywhere. What we’re building is the logical evolution of this phenomenon.

Our website.

We are a small and agile team of entrepreneurs, developers and designers. Join us, if you too want to make a dent in the universe!

How to Apply

Applicants please send your Resume & LinkedIn accounts to contact@theia.finance. Part of the application process will require candidates to complete a marketing assessment.

Best of Luck,
Theia Team