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Paris, Remote - Europe
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Principal Engineer

May 6
Fully Remote

About Hylé

Hylé is pioneering the future of blockchain infrastructure with ZK technology.

Our approach promises a streamlined, efficient blockchain, maintaining its key features: censorship resistance, permissionless value, and reliable decentralization.

Backed with $5M from leading VCs, we’re building our team, currently led by founders Sylve (CEO) and Lancelot (CTO). Our goals are ambitious - B2B use cases within 4 months, series A within the year, and going live on mainnet within 24 months.

Programming Skills

The initial team will be 3-4 devs and the CTO, so product ownership will be essential.

This role target a principal engineer with extensive web3 blockchain experience at the protocol / infrastructure level. The ideal candidate has more than 10 years or programming experience, including a substantial amount in specifically web3 stacks such as:

  • Backend programming: Rust / Go

  • Shipped a blockchain mainnet

  • Worked on bridges across different chains

  • Worked with one of Cosmos SDK / Polkadot / Geth / …

  • DevOps / Infra (either on bare metal or containerised)

Other skills

  • Willing to work in a venture start-up with high risk - this is a go big or go home project

  • Highly adaptable - we will try to remain rather nimble, and while the overall goal is well specified the path to get there is subject to change

  • Good with feedback, communication, transparency

  • Business & delivery oriented

  • English mandatory, French appreciated

Key responsibilities

The core technical objective is twofold: shipping B2B use-cases in the coming months, then expanding that a permissionless mainnet blockchain with 24 months. You can expect:

  • At first working on a Cosmos SDK app written in Go, augmenting it with verifiers for various ZK proving schemes (those mostly written in rust).

  • Exporting the implications of our new architecture by writing our own apps

  • Bridging the state of the chain to/from other networks such as Ethereum

  • Working on support for various wallets

  • Investigate the need to switch away from the Cosmos SDK, and if this path is taken, participate in writing a new blockchain stack. If not, modify the Cosmos SDK accordingly.

Compensation & benefits

  • Highly competitive salary + Equity

  • Alan Green Mutuelle

  • Computer of your choice

  • Flexible remote policy (but no fully remote hire at this time)

  • Socials - company retreats, weekly gathering

Other important info

We share an office in Paris (Le Peletier) with other tech companies, and would prefer avoiding fully remote hires at this time. Flexible remote is very possible.

Interview process is straightforward - a quick initial screening call, an in depth technical dive to answer any questions, a technical architecture interview, and a “fit” interview with my cofounder.

To apply

Interested in joining us in this exhilarating adventure? Send your resume to contact@hyle.eu.