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Kilonova Ventures

Remote - South America
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Growth Partner / Fractional Head of Marketing

May 20
Fully Remote

Why work with us

Kilonova is a boutique marketing and strategy advisory firm focused on supporting projects across Blockchain Infrastructure, DeFi, Web3 and the Metaverse.

We exist to support the blitzscaling efforts of visionary leaders that can push decentralization, self-sovereignty and conscious capitalism forward.

As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that pioneering bleeding edge technology, building a rockstar distributed team, figuring out product market fit, fostering a vibrant community and raising capital - at the same time - is really hard. So we join founders and their projects early, accept responsibility for narrative formation, building out critical brand touchpoints, hiring and training the marketing team, and generating traction in the shape of community growth, lead generation and investment commitments in the early stage startups we advise.

Our mission is to empower and accelerate these nascent projects around the world, with the vision that by doing so we can help shape the future of money, the new Internet, and the way we collaborate, grow and enjoy life.

Role Summary

We are looking for a magnetic, fast paced, organized and proactive Digital Marketing professional with 12+ years of experience in marketing to help us implement our methodology and act as fractional head of marketing for portfolio companies that we advise and help succeed, while in parallel Kilonova hires and train the team that will take over the marketing practice so that we can automate ourselves out of the job.

The ideal candidate is, before anything, a Crypto / Web3 / DeFi user, passionate about blockchain technology and the decentralized future it can shape, and is just as passionate about digital marketing, the ever changing technologies supporting it, and its timeless core concepts.

A seasoned professional with hands on experience and a passion for building teams and implementing growth blueprints while staying flexible to the dynamic needs of nascent projects. The ideal professional is focused on growth, is creative and analytical, results driven, resourceful and leads by example.

How you will contribute to the overall success of the team:

  • Collaborating with the Kilonova leadership, you will help define the marketing objectives and key results that support the overall objectives of portfolio companies, and plan and manage activities that support the achievement of such key results, following a proprietary blueprint that takes into account 75 distinct deliverables

  • You will participate in strategic discussions with founding teams and early team members through workshops and collaborative work sessions, accelerating the trajectory of the projects we work with, while being mindful that different teams have different levels of maturity and many times we work across cultures and timezones

  • You will participate actively (with the Kilonova leadership) in the process of shaping the marketing teams of portfolio companies

  • You will connect the technical and product teams with the real-time pulse of the community, helping to foster the right environment for a user centric culture within the projects we support

  • You will come in with your super powers and unique perspective and help us optimize our own method to further improve the success rate of our portfolio companies

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop marketing and community building strategies

  • Setup and help operate CRM, marketing automation, influencer and ambassador programs

  • Ensure the cadence and quality of social media, content and marketing calendars

  • Help hire, train, and manage marketing teams capable of delivering excellence as we phase out of the projects

  • Maintain and improve Content Distribution effectiveness

  • Develop strong narratives and cool memes

  • Turn community members into raving fans

  • Connect with the project’s ecosystem partners

  • Orchestrate our portfolio companies’ presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and Discord

  • Manage vendors across PR, Creative and Media

  • Manage the production of marketing materials and brand assets

  • Extract insights from multiple analytics dashboards and report on key metrics

Must have skills and attributes

  • Good understanding of blockchain technology and its applications

  • Well versed in the implementation and management of marketing analytics

  • Hands on experience across channels

  • Capable of planning and optimizing outbound and inbound marketing campaigns

  • Remarkable written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to liaise with influencers, content creators and subject matter experts

  • Capable of working effectively and independently in a remote team environment

  • Able to provide valuable references and frameworks that improve the work of others

  • Comfortable with responding to incidents and able to face issues calmly

  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks and projects simultaneously

  • Keen interest in leadership, able to inspire others to become their best selves

  • A never ending curiosity to learn and master new tooling and best practices

  • Experience with management consulting / founder experience are a strong plus

Benefits of working with us

  • A balanced in-person / remote work policy in a dynamic, fast paced firm

  • The opportunity of working with bleeding edge technology

  • Close collaboration with leading blockchain projects and thought leaders in the space

  • Health insurance and Gympass

  • International travel opportunities for conferences and portfolio company workshops

  • Online learning subsidies and incentives

Some of our guiding principles

  • Mission Driven: Helping our portfolio companies achieve their vision is our way of supporting progress towards a better world

  • Abundance Mindset: There’s enough for everyone - we succeed by helping everyone around us succeed.

  • Self-Mastery: ​Mindful conduct and always on learning are critical components for personal and collective growth

  • Collaborative:​ Expertise is key, but sharing knowledge and building together with joy is the foundation for truly remarkable work

  • Curiosity and an open mind: We believe in the power of asking the right questions and we welcome folks who can learn from everything and everyone

  • Important: This position is remote for professionals based in Brazil only.