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Curve Labs

Berlin, Remote
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Back-end Developer (Web3, Ethereum, Blockchain)

Jun 2
Contract / Full-Time / Part-Time
$60K – $120K
Fully Remote

About Us

Curve Labs is a team of design and development interventionists architecting distributed solutions for the future economy. We create, combine, and integrate modular Web3 open-source technologies to form organizations more than the sum of their parts.

The Lab, which launched early 2020, is a registered German limited liability company (GmbH) headquartered in Berlin. Our work currently covers three domains:

  • We are a design and development agency that works with organizational web3 primitives to create blockchain-native organizations, a.k.a. “DAOs”. Our clients include an activist coop, a decentralized finance application, and a sustainable development network.

  • We are social activists, creating and advocating for web3 solutions in regenerative finance, data sovereignty, and distributed energy systems. We aim to build holistic cyberphysical systems that simultaneously address social and ecological crises.

  • We are hands-on technologists who create infrastructural web3 building blocks, such as identity and reputation modules, smart wallets, and version control systems. We understand that these primitives are crucial for mass distributed technology adoption.

Altogether, Curve Labs is an exciting and diverse collaborative network of passionate domain experts navigating the razor edge of innovation. Join us.

About You

We’re looking for someone who has a solid understanding of Web3 and Ethereum. You should be able to think creatively, communicate, and work well in a partially distributed team. You should be an independent thinker who is able to juggle tasks and resolve technical roadblocks as they emerge. Above all, we want somebody who walks the walk, and is committed to Curve Labs’ vision of an open-source, distributed global economy.

Desired Skills and qualifications

  • Demonstrated coding experience with Web3 and Ethereum development tools, languages, and libraries, such as Solidity, web3.js, and IPFS. Applicants without proven Solidity experience will not be considered

  • Experience in engineering, building and testing high stakes web applications used in the market and by real people

  • Experience in smart contract auditing, code review, and security best practices

  • Strong communication skills and responsiveness

  • Independently driven as a digital collaborator

  • Appreciation and commitment to open-source as a philosophy

  • Fluent in written and spoken English


  • Proficiency in front-end languages, such as Javascript/Typescript, React/Redux and HTML/CSS

  • Eloquent in GIT, continuous integration tooling, cloud-deployment, and pull-request based workflows

  • Experience with The Graph Protocol

  • Involvement in a token engineering, decentralized finance, or governance community or ecosystem

  • Familiarity with the field of cybernetics

  • Berlin located (not required, but we’d love to spend time with you in person!)