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Mid-Level Marketing Geek (*) 🧙

Jan 27
€47K – €55K
Fully Remote


We are a growing, international indie team that is creating the high-quality, innovative, digital Trading Card Game Synergy of Serra. We believe in the idea that everything in the future is gamified and we start shaping this future today. Next to that, we believe in our values which are the foundation of all beliefs, practices and behaviors that are shared and lived by the entire team. That’s why we place special emphasis on enriching our team with more geeks who share the following values with us:

  • Gamers at heart: We strive to create a world where nobody calls games a waste of time.

  • Passion: We live our passion, create art and shape our childhood dreams together.

  • Freedom: Work to your own style, not being bound to location or time, to be the best version of yourself.

  • Ownership: Own and lead your responsibilities by taking action and making decisions.

  • Growing together: We support each other to express ourselves and make a difference in the world.

  • Challenging the status quo: We make disruptive games – never seen before – with creativity and art at their core.


At Calystral Games we focus on two projects. Synergy of Serra is a digital Trading Card Game utilizing Blockchain technology for the benefit of its players. With our Marketplace we build the next generation of NFT technology, which puts love for the technology second to the needs of the users. Our mission is to create fair and trustless, disruptive games and at the same time to transform NFT-financed games to a well accepted and fair type of game that focuses on providing the best free2play gaming experience there can be. That’s how we empower gamers to challenge the status quo and by that unleash their true potential.


  • 💯% remote working and flexible working hours

  • 💻 Personal hardware and operating system of your choice

  • 🌎 2+ onsite team events per year, somewhere on our beautiful planet

  • 🎮 Regular hangouts, where we play games together

  • 🤓 Personal development is a core element of our culture: 10-15% of the working time is dedicated to self development (we also have a book club)

  • 🎯 An in-house bonus program where everyone is rewarded through the value that we create together

  • 💡 No one is defined by a fixed role, instead all geeks shape their own role by bringing in their native genius


  • You are a very enthusiastic person who is good with people.

  • You love to forge strong relationships with a variety of people from various backgrounds.

  • You love gaming, interacting with gamers, and geeking out about games.

  • You are easy-going with being present in public, and you love to infect others with your enthusiasm for the things you are passionate about and strongly believe in.

  • You are a great copywriter.

  • You have a talent for communicating with others to understand and summarize complex topics into simple chunks of information that anybody is able to pick up.

  • You would be proud to represent a game with huge ambitions, strong values, and long-lasting visions.

  • You are an optimist with an idealistic mindset.


💡 Use your passion to excite gamers with our ideas and vision of Synergy of Serra. Grow our brand by succinctly explaining and sharing with the outside world why this game will disrupt the (card) gaming market. Be a public face for Synergy of Serra and forge relationships across the gaming space.


Must haves:

  • You are or have been a competitive gamer yourself

  • You have worked in the gaming space as a Marketing Specialist before

  • You were heavily involved in building a brand for a game/gaming company

  • You have successfully established partnerships with a wide range of individuals from scratch

  • You have successfully grown or strongly influenced the process of growing a gaming community

Nice to haves:

  • You have been an active game streamer/youtuber for a while

  • You established relationships to other streamers that you’ve then worked with

  • You worked in a position where public speaking (live or online) was required

  • You have successfully grown or strongly influenced the process of growing a gaming community to over 100k players


Must haves:

  • Expert in building brands and growing communities

  • Expert in copywriting skills

  • Expert in communication & public speaking

  • Ability to anticipate the needs of the target audience, transform ideas into concrete plans, and turn strategies into concrete tasks

  • Your organizational skills allow you to keep an eye on the big picture and every level of detail at the same time

Nice to haves:

  • Ability to use the most common features of Adobe Suite


  • Infectious enthusiasm 🤩

  • Passion for new technologies and games 💛

  • Team player & “beyond the box” thinker

  • Fully committed to all your activities and projects

  • Enjoy learning and growing every day 🌱


Apply now, so we can play together!

(*) We welcome all applications without regard to gender, gender identity or expression, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age or whatsoever.